Konstantinos Genikomsakis, Christos Ioakimidis, Hannes Eliasstam


The foreseeable dynamic pricing of electricity combined with the emergence of the so-called electricity “prosumers” that not only consume, but also have the ability to produce and store electricity, necessitates the development of energy management systems even at residential level. In this context, the present work considers that in a modern residence, or a “smart house”, electricity is generated from micro-renewable energy sources, while the electricity storage options include a fixed battery as well as the battery from a plug-in electric vehicle. This paper presents the theoretical framework for the implementation of a domotic battery management system with the key characteristic that energy management decisions are made every 10 min, based on the forecasted conditions for the next 24 h. The results obtained from the simulation of the proposed system highlight the contribution not only of the fixed battery, but also of the electric vehicle's battery to the maximization of electricity cost savings.

Proceedings: Proceedings of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
Presented at:

IECON (2013)





Konstantinos Genikomsakis, Christos Ioakimidis, Hannes Eliasstam. (2013) "A non-myopic approach for a domotic battery management system" In Proceedings of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. p. 4522-4527. DOI: 10.1109/IECON.2013.6699864.