S-MILE: Smart platform to integrate different freight transport means, manage and foster first and last mile in supply chains




2016 - 2018   Finished


S-mile aims to develop a set of tools for supporting first/last mile logistic multi-modal transport, fostering green transport means and solutions based on two very innovative points:

1. First, from a micro perspective, the development of a novel routing algorithm, vehicle assignment optimization algorithm and freight transport cost calculating module that includes:

  • Not only the traditional optimization criteria (length, time or cost) but also takes into consideration environmental (greenhouse emission) and social factors (impact on the citizen health).
  • The possibility to consider multiple way points (both on first and last mile optimizations).
  • The online update of the route based on changes in the road conditions (both traffic and pavement condition) or task to be carried on.
  • The particularities of green vehicles (e.g. electric, hydrogen, CNG, LPG, etc.) as alternative transport means.

2. Second, from a macro perspective, the deployment of a decision support tool to allow freighters to choose the optimal route of the freight, including the first/last mile transport by comparing the results generated taking into account several parameters such as time, distance, environmental and social impact, cost, etc. in order to identify the best solutions.