RELIFO: Design of an Artificial Vision System for the Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Overhead Power Lines


2008 - 2011   Finished


In this project, we present a new automatic system in real time for overhead power lines inspection by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The main contribution is the design, development and implementation of new algorithms of artificial vision for surveillance  of electrical infrastructures without the operator intervention from ground station or  Company control center.  The video signal generated by the HD camera and IR Camera installed in the UAV is transmitted from the UAV to the ground control where it is transformed in  frames. These images are synchronized with the telemetry data sent from the autopilot in order to be processed by the proposed algorithms of artificial vision.  In the ground station,  the HD images and telemetry data are processed in a computer in order to identify areas and measure distances from power lines to the surrounding vegetation and buildings. Simultaneously, other computer in the station ground analyzes the images captured by the infrared camera in order to detect bad conductivity and hotspots in the power lines, transformers and electrical substations. Reports are generated online and  they are sent via SMS and email to the Company Control Center.