IMPONET: Intelligent monitoring of power networks



2010 - 2013   Finished


The IMPONET project is scoped to provide essential cornerstones in order to achieve a comprehensive, flexible and configurable information system to support the most complex and advanced requirements in Energy Management. This includes the modelling, design and implementation of the two main targets of IMPONET: power quality monitoring and the remote control and smart metering platform.

The outcomes of the project for transport and distribution network operation are the improvement of the stability of the whole electrical system and the increase of processes automation with the help of better network alarms and management tools. Reliability and consistency of electricity supply is critical to many industrial and service activities, and therefore, when the power quality is inadequate, business suffers. In order to operate the network in a more efficient manner, it is necessary to exploit the data from a huge number of electronic devices involved in control and protection of power systems in a systematic and standardized way. Also, the development of a new conception of network monitoring systems is required to achieve the ambitious goals that are envisioned for the Smart Grids of the future.