DeustoTech Energy and Internet participate in the 1st MOVESMART workshop

Published on Monday, 02 November 2015 - 21:14

The University of Deusto hosted the 1st MOVESMART Workshop entitled “RENEWABLE MOBILITY SERVICES IN SMART CITIES: Challenges, approaches and social aspects” on October 15th, 2015. The aim of the workshop was to disseminate the results of the EU FP7 collaborative project “MOVESMART Renewable Mobility Services in Smart Cities” (grant agreement no 609026) to the relevant scientific / industrial communities, as well as to establish coordinated activities between ongoing smart cities projects. After the official opening of the event by Ms. Sandra Busturia (coordinator of MOVESMART) and Dr. Ainhoa Alonso (Head of DeustoTech Energy), Dr. Dionisios Kehagias (technical quality manager of MOVESMART) provided an overview of the project and summarized the main technical achievements.

2015-10-15 09.07.19.jpg

The workshop included a keynote lecture on “Smart route planning for public transit” by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe F. Italiano from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy, and a scientific session with presentations by MOVESMART consortium members on the technical progress with respect to the topics of the workshop, chaired by Dr. Diego López de Ipiña (Head of DeustoTech Internet). In this session, Dr. Konstantinos N. Genikomsakis from DeustoTech Energy presented the research work entitled “Energy efficiency assessment in the context of multimodal passenger transport: From ‘well’ to ‘wheels’ ”, focusing on various aspects of energy efficiency to assess the impact of multimodal routes.


The next session of the workshop involved presentations of other EU projects dealing with sustainable mobility solutions in smart cities, such as SocialCar, PETRA, MoveUS, MyWay, Citymobil2, and HOPE. In this session, the project entitled “GREEN-TRAVELLING: A platform to analyse and foster the use of Green Travelling Options” was jointly presented by Luis Rodríguez Repiso from SAITEC S.A. and Dr. Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández from DeustoTech Energy.

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