Resource Efficiency and Environmental Awareness

DeustoTech Energy was created to give response to the present and future needs of companies within the energy, water, waste management and urban sector. Sustainability and environment protection in terms of resource management, urban resiliency to climate change, and environmental protection has become a pressing matter in the last few years given the continuous evolution of socio-economic, demographic, behavioral and technological factors. In this line DeustoTech Energy conducts its research within the following areas:

  • Energy networks: Monitoring, communication, load forecasting, and proper management of energy information as key element for decision making and infrastructure assessment.
  • Energy distribution systems knowledge: Energy load balancing and information regarding long term forecast models to predict the electricity prices considering available energy from natural resources, price of fossils (gas, oil,…) and weekly and monthly patterns and load curves.
  • Water networks: Identification of consumption patterns and use of simulation methodologies for the detection of possible leakages in both water distribution and sewerage networks.
  • Waste management: Management of urban solid waste through the application of technologies for minimization, reuse, recycling and valorization of waste taking into account social, economic and demographic factors. Application of Life-Cycle Assesment methodologies, as well as multi-criteria optimization techniques to analyze all the stages of the process.
  • Environment and clean technologies: Solutions for managing energy efficiency in industrial processes. Production of 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels. Monitoring and prompt alarm systems through the use of telemetry, communication and artificial vision tools.
  • Integration of energy systems: Interaction of electric vehicles and energy environment within the grid. Development of solutions for real-time multimodal transport analysis focusing on the reduction of the pollutant emissions derived from the transport sector.

Should you be interested in any kind of collaboration with our research group, please contact:

  Dra. Ainhoa Alonso Vicario
  Principal Researcher at DeustoTech-ENERGY
  ainhoa.alonso [AT] deusto [DOT] es