Christos Ioakimidis, Konstantinos Genikomsakis


ReadyToGo is a short term e-vehicle leasing, sharing and pooling system. This kind of service allows the user to make a reservation for an electric vehicle (car, bike or motorbike) and to pick up in any of the seven points around the city of Bilbao and to drop off in another point. When a user makes a reservation, he is given the option to publish the route that he is going to follow in order to allow other users to see it and make a request to pick them up in a specified point (of the route). This service is a part of a larger project at the University of Deusto on Smart Grids (UDSmartGridTM), Spain. The aim of this project is to serve the mobility needs of students, academics and administration staff from their residential point to the University Campus of Deusto.

Proceedings: Proceedings of International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications
Presented at:

ICRERA (2013)





Christos Ioakimidis, Konstantinos Genikomsakis. (2013) "Webpage application and creation for customer services on optimum routing search in the city of Bilbao" In Proceedings of International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications. p. 1240-1245 . DOI: 10.1109/ICRERA.2013.6749815.