RDF description Dr. Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández

Researcher & Project Manager

May. 2010  -  Present
cruz.borges [at] deusto.es

 +34 94 4139003 - ext: 2052

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Title Year
Distributed semantic architecture for smart grids
Yoseba K. Penya Landaburu, Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Aitor Peña Antón.
   Energies   (IF: 1.844)
Artificial Neural Network Modelling of the Bioethanol-To-Olefins Process on a HZSM-5 Catalyst Treated with Alkali
Gorka Sorrosal Yarritu, Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Cristina Martín Andonegui, Ana María Macarulla Arenaza, Ainhoa Alonso Vicario.
   Applied Soft Computing   (IF: 2.857)
On-demand energy monitoring and response architecture in a ubiquitous world
Oihane Kamara Esteban, Ander Pijoan Lamas, Ainhoa Alonso Vicario, Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández.
   Personal and Ubiquitous Computing   (IF: 1.498)
2017  ≈ 674.1 KB
Model-driven regularization approach to straight line program genetic programming
Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández.
   Expert Systems with Applications   (IF: 2.981)
2016  ≈ 787.2 KB
Assessing tolerance-based robust short-term load forecasting in buildings
Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Yoseba K. Penya Landaburu, Iván Fernández Andrés.
   Energies   (IF: 1.602)
Evaluating combined load forecasting in large power systems and smart grids
Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Yoseba K. Penya Landaburu, Iván Fernández Andrés.
   IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics   (IF: 8.785)

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Title Year
MASSHA: An agent-based approach for human activity simulation in intelligent environments
Oihane Kamara Esteban, Gorka Azkune, Ander Pijoan Lamas, Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Ainhoa Alonso Vicario, Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza.
   Pervasive and Mobile Computing