Best Demo Award AAMAS 2014

Date:  May 9, 2014
Event:  13th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
Awardees:  Ander Pijoan Lamas, Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Oihane Kamara Esteban, Yoseba K. Penya Landaburu

We present here a demo of a multi-agent-system-based GIS application to model human house choosing behaviour. More accurately, this application foresees future energy consumption in order to issue spatial load forecasts and help utilities to resize and adapt electrical infrastructures to cope with committed loads in the middle and long term. We have tested our application with real data of an Spanish city with more than 32 000 customers. The application is fully customisable and presents a friendly user interface.

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Multi-Agent GIS System for Improved Spatial Load Forecasting (Demonstration)

Cruz Enrique Borges Hernández, Oihane Kamara Esteban, Ander Pijoan Lamas, Yoseba K. Penya Landaburu

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